Local Table – Launched!

Happy New Year to you all from the Local Table!

It’s been so easy to enjoy the garden with all the lovely summer weather we’ve been having, all our various fruits and vegetables are growing prolifically and looking plumper by the day -long may it continue!

But still its time for us to take a few minutes to update you on what’s been happening at the Local Table HQ.
We had our Season #1 Launch & Potluck dinner at St Peter’s Hall just before Christmas, where we were lucky to hear from Hannah Zwartz (our very own edible garden expert) about growing a garden of abundance. This was followed by a Q&A session to answer the squillions of questions everyone had.

The Local Table Season #1 Launch & Potluck at St Peter's Hall, Paekakariki

The Local Table Season #1 Launch & Potluck at St Peter’s Hall, Paekakariki, New Zealand

The kids were first in with a very good question: They wanted to know if they could form teams to enter? The answer is Yes! Everyone wanted to hear about cooking oil, pepper, spices, milk, could they use local fruit that had been preserved using sugar? That answer is No. It was really exciting to realise how thought provoking this competition is, and how engaged people are with the challenge -so many creative solutions are being found.

The food that everyone brought along for the potluck was scrumptious! and much of it was grown right here in the edible gardens of the village -YUM!

As people arrived, they were presented with an info pack which contained a bunch of information about the competition, a planting and harvest guide, a small pouch of genuine local Paekakariki Sea Salt, and a bay leaf.
Holly Andrews did a wonderful job helping make the hall so lovely -we even had big (preserving jar) vases full of edibles and fresh lemons as table centerpieces!

Info-packs including local sea salt pouches and a bay leaf were handed out as people arrived at the launch.

Info-packs including local sea salt pouches and a bay leaf were handed out as people arrived at the launch.

Now that the launch has been and gone, many have had the chance to get their heads around what the Local Table competition entails, and have begun the process of figuring out their recipes and ingredients.
Confirmed entrants, will soon be able to access our Supplier Directory which will give them the opportunity to sort out ingredients swaps and trades with others who have surplus in the village.

At the launch we announced our first confirmed judge: The wonderful Earl Zapf who is well known in the village as one of our food establishment pioneers, founding both the Paekakariki Café and later the Beach Road Deli. Earl currently works at The Monastery, a healing retreat where he cooks directly from the organic vegie garden by the kitchen door.

If you would like to join, or even just receive our regular Local Table emails leading up to the final event in April, essentially a newsletter sent out about once a fortnight, please send me a message to info@localtable.co.nz with your email address and I’ll pop you on the list. The content will vary and include up to date planting, harvest and pest & disease trouble-shooting info, moon planting phases, upcoming workshop details, opportunities to enjoy local olive oil and honey, etc. The email will also be a chance for us to answer questions about the comp and all sorts of things like preserving, storing and ingredients preparation.

We’d love to hear from you. Our first email newsletter is ready for delivery if you haven’t received it already.

Abundance and sunshine to you all!
Flo & Mike